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BRAVO Company & ChARTS Presents

It's A Wonderful Christmas Carol

Written by Ken Parks

Sunday December 9th, 2018
Chino Hills Community Center
Time: 4:00pm

Refreshments, Beer & Wine Available for Purchase

Tickets $10.00

The Arts Committee of the Chino Hills Community Foundation known as “chARTS" is lead by local artists and art lovers who work to bring the arts to Chino Hills.

The Chino Hills Arts Committee (chARTS) is the branch of the Foundation that works to create an enriching environment for culture and the arts in Chino Hills through events, workshops and other activities.

chARTS is led by a group of local artists who represent a wide area of expertise such as: fine arts, music, creative writing, theater, graphic arts and more.

Sponsored events thus far include author talks, theater productions, arts shows and concerts.  

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Ongoing Art Display

Quarterly Art Installation at the Chino Hills Community Center

The Art Committee of the Chino Hills Community Foundation, known as chARTS, has partnered with the City of Chino Hills Community Services Department to display the work of local artists in the lobby at the Chino Hills Community Center. Stop by and check out the latest artwork on display.

The chARTS committee is seeking Chino Hills artists interested in showcasing their work at one of the City's next art shows. If interested please fill out the artist interest form.

Past Events

chARTS Kids Art Exploration Day - The Shoppes at Chino Hills

The CH Community Foundation and Chino Hills Arts (chARTS) could not be happier with our Kids Art Exploration that we hosted at the Shoppes this past April. The event sold out with over 240 kids. Their parents joined us to experience various mediums of art from ceramics to pencil sketching to paper art and much more. Thank you to Brighton and The Shoppes for underwriting this free event to the public!